Brownies are for girls from the age of 7 to 10 years. Each Brownie belongs to a pack where she is required to wear a Brownie uniform. Each Brownie chooses what she wants to wear from a range of Brownie uniforms. The individual choice which is given to each Brownie allows them to be themselves but also makes them feel part of the Brownie pack. Brownie clothes are stylish, practical and fun for today’s generation of Brownies. There is a piece of Brownie clothing to suit every Brownie whatever her activity. The Brownie uniform offers an extensive range of Brownie garments to wear and looks fantastic! The Brownie uniform range consists of Brownie cap, Brownie short sleeve T-shirt, Brownie long sleeve T-shirt, Brownie, cycle shorts, Brownie leggings, Brownie trousers, Brownie skirt, Brownie gilet, Brownie hoodie and Brownie sash & badge, all pieces of Brownie uniform are produced from the highest quality materials to ensure duration and flexibility.

Brownie Hooded Zipper


Brownie Gilet


Brownie Trousers


Brownie Skort


Brownie Long Sleeved T Shirt


Brownie Leggings


Brownie Sash and Badge


Brownie Short Sleeved T Shirt


Brownie Cycle Shorts


Brownie Cap