Our current lead time is now 2-3 weeks from order.


Please Note, the same colours in 100% Cotton and Polycotton do vary by shade.
Whilst we try to match colours on screen to the actual material used they are not exact, if you are in any doubt as to which material or colour to select please contact us to discuss your requirements.
You can call us on 0161 427 2220 or email

Orders that have incorrect colours cannot be returned or refunded so please contact us if in any doubt.

How to use:

  1. Select a style from the list by clicking the style arrow. Additional styles are available using the tabs.
  2. Select a colour from the list by clicking the colour arrow. Material can be selected using the tabs.
  3. Click on the necker to add colour. Different areas can be coloured depending on the style.
  4. To view the size guide click the size guide arrow.
  5. Choose Size from the dropdown menu and enter a quantity in the box (Minimum 2 for Large/Adult and 10 for Standard).
  6. Press the green add to cart button place product in the cart. To view your cart follow the link at the top of the page
  7. The selection can be cleared using the orange clear button.
  8. Press the grey copy button to copy a permalink for your current style to your clipboard or the blue print button to print a printer friendly version.

Size Guide

Size Band Size Width (mm) Height (mm) Angle Length (mm)
Plain Standard 1040 495 710
Adult/Large 1210 590 815
Half & Half Standard 980 480 685
Adult/Large 1140 560 790
Trimmed Standard 1040 510 725
Adult/Large 1180 600 865