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Neckers Cotton

Neckers have been worn by scouts for hundreds of years. They originated around the time of the Buckskin Scout and Wood-running Scout, their neckers where subdued in colour as they had to maintain good camouflage amongst the leafy undergrowth of the woodlands. When Buckskin and Wood-running Scouts relaxed after hunting they would wear bright colour neckers. Entering a settlement with a colourful necker was an instant indication to the people that this was a Scout taking a rest from the trail.

Neckers were also used when scouts were riding on horseback across dusty terrain, the neckerchiefs were worn across the mouth and nose, filtering out the dust and hazardous particles. Today Cotton Neckers are worn for traditional means and as an instant visual identification of your scout, brownie or guides troop, district or council.

Warrens has one of the largest ranges of Neckers for Scouts, Guides, Cubs, and Brownies in the U.K. Browse through our full range of coloured neckers, tartan neckers and other neckers. At Warrens we manufacture twelve main styles of cotton neckerchiefs made from 100% cotton - with 18 colours to choose from, so the options are huge! We can also personalise our neckers by embroidery or print with your group logo or name - please see the Custom Product section for more details.

**NB All neckers are made to order so orders can take between 2-4 weeks to supply**